Email Campaign & Social Media Post for Outdoor Use Only

Outdoor Use Only's 'thank you' email was sent to participants to who entered a product giveaway. You can check out the email design here.

Facebook Promo Post:

Email/Instagram Invitation for Conor Lawrence Represents

Conor Lawrence Represents is a Minneapolis-based company that represents photographers, videographers and other artists. CLReps is having an artist showcase and open house and was in need of a digital invitation to spread the word. I was asked to use CLRep's branding but other than that I was given little instruction so I just went with it :)

 This is the first design I presented to the client. I kept it very clean, using lots of white space. This isn't what my client ended up choosing in the end, however, I still like it so I'm including it here.

The client decided that he wanted the invitation to include samples of his client's work in a grid format so what you see above is the final design.

My client also wanted to be able to post the invitation on his company's Instagram account so I tweaked the layout a bit and changed the sizing to fit Instagram's size specifications.

Print ADs for Donna's Home Furnishings

I occasionally do some freelance work for BrightBox, which is a Houston-area marketing and branding company. Donna's Home Furnishings is one of their accounts that I've had the privilege to work on. These ads are just a small sample of the ads that I've design for Donna's. Donna's has an established brand, so it was important that my designs be consistent with previous designs. I was given photos to select from, copy from BrightBox's copywriter and the month's design direction by my production manager and then the layout and design of the ads were left to me. Being the daughter of an interior designer, I especially loved working on these (and lusted after all of the beautiful furniture!).

Emailers for Donna's Home Furnishings

July 4th Emailer

August Bedding Sale Emailer

October Emailer

September Clearance Event Emailer

These emailers were created for Donna's Home Furnishings. Donna's has an already established brand so these were designed according to those established standards. I was given the 'color of the month', a slew of photos to choose from, copy and instructions on what to include and then the design and layout was left for me to put together.

Dream Project's Spring Show Poster and Show Program

(show poster)

(program exterior)

(program interior)

Each Dream Project show features a different creative theme and this Spring's show is called EST, as in the highEST, most, etc. That theme inspired the simple mountain graphic that represents the pinnacle or best of something. 

Info Chart for SanaVita Yoga Studio

My friend, Kristy, at SanaVita Yoga wanted an informational chart to help her share nutritional information to her clients. The chart was designed to be clean in design for easy readability and uses earthy colors that reflect healthy, organic foods.

Logo and Business Card for In Home Designs



Part of being a graphic designer is designing for friends and family. In this case, I designed a logo and business card for my mother, who is an interior designer. She LOVES chairs so I knew we'd need to include on in her logo. Despite her talent with color, she preferred a black and white design that is clean yet traditional in style. The black and white damask background on the front of the card represents her love of textiles and skill for designing custom window treatments.

Elite Recital 2016 Poster

This year, Elite Dance Company's recital theme is centered about 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.I was asked specifically to include lots of colors and candy so that's what I've done here. The sweet treat illustration and the vector candy were images purchased from Shutterstock to save time and money on the design. I merged the two images in Photoshop, added a glitter overlay and manipulated the colors a bit. I created the golden ticket in Photoshop and the 'Pure Imagination' title in Illustrator and pulled all of the elements together in InDesign for production.

Promotional Brochures for DRIVE

To introduce the DRIVE program, we created a bi-fold brochure to be given to pom & cheer coaches and a tri-fold brochure to be given to parents. Both pieces needed to be cohesive in design, yet each piece differs in content. The coaches will be met with one-on-one so the bi-fold works well for hand-delivery. The parent's tri-fold brochure will be both hand-delivered and can be stuffed in a standard letter-sized envelope and mailed.

(bi-fold exterior)

  (bi-fold interior)

  (tri-fold exterior)

 (tri-fold interior)

This is the 5x7 invitation card that is handed to the dancers who have been selected to apply and audition for the DRIVE program.

Logo for DRIVE

(logo with drop shadow and tagline)

(logo without shadow, no tagline)

This logo was created for Elite Dance Academy's new dance program, Drive. Drive is a program specifically geared towards junior and high school girls who are in cheer and pom, yet want to still keep studio dance as a part of their training and schedule. This program provides opportunities for girls to earn charity hours and college scholarships as well as continued training to help improve their skills. We wanted this logo to be fun, upbeat and have the feel of 'moving forward'. The colors are inspired by black asphalt and the yellow lane dividers on a road.

Premier Baby Planning City Card Marketing Materials

For Premier's new City Card membership, I created a take-away card that can be picked-up at local businesses or handed out by the client.  The blue squared background is an element taken from the client's website.  I incorporated it and the existing colors for cohesiveness.



This is the business card sized City Card that members receive when they join.



Bump and Beyond Buzz Logo Design for Marketing Materials

Info Card for Keely Style



This was designed to be an info card to be picked up at local clothing boutiques.

Small 'Take-Away' Card for Elite Dance Academy



'Olympus' Show Poster for Dream Project

Invitation for Avanti Senior Living

This brochure was designed with Avanti's brand standards and style in mind and was printed and mailed and also sent out via email.

Brochure for Camp Telaphiba



The arrows and feathers were purchased on Creative Market (link here).  Layout, concept and design are original to me.  Photos were provided by Camp Telaphiba and Snow Mountain Ranch.

Recital 2015 Poster for Elite Dance Academy

Small Info Card for Something Special In Flowers

4"x6" full-color, double-sided info card for Something Special in Flowers.  In this piece, we wanted the florist's work to be the main feature, so we chose to keep the design simple so that the photography would be the main focus.

Info Card for The Gardens of Bammel Lane

This 4"x6" full-color, double-sided info card is an updated version of the design I created for The Gardens of Bammel Lane a year ago.  We changed the color scheme and plugged in new photographs.