Email/Instagram Invitation for Conor Lawrence Represents

Conor Lawrence Represents is a Minneapolis-based company that represents photographers, videographers and other artists. CLReps is having an artist showcase and open house and was in need of a digital invitation to spread the word. I was asked to use CLRep's branding but other than that I was given little instruction so I just went with it :)

 This is the first design I presented to the client. I kept it very clean, using lots of white space. This isn't what my client ended up choosing in the end, however, I still like it so I'm including it here.

The client decided that he wanted the invitation to include samples of his client's work in a grid format so what you see above is the final design.

My client also wanted to be able to post the invitation on his company's Instagram account so I tweaked the layout a bit and changed the sizing to fit Instagram's size specifications.